DoubleUps Split-Top Sheet Sets for Standard Beds

It's estimated that we spend about a third of our lives asleep – that's over 200,000 hours! So, you may want to share your bed, however, you do not want to share your covers. Our sheet sets feature our patented, DoubleUps for Beds "Split-Top" flat sheet. Our "split-top" flat sheets are split down the middle and connected toward the foot of the bed. Each side offers independent movement and freedom, providing sleep partners with their own personal sheets. Reducing many points of competition in a shared bed. These sheet sets bring peaceful, undisturbed sleep to couples everywhere.

Our sheet sets are available in 200, 350, and 600 thread counts and a variety of colors and 5 (9-13", 15", 17" 20", and 22" depths) drops. Made in the USA.

In the box...

  • DUFB “Split-Top” Flat Sheet
  • Fitted Bottom Sheet
  • Two Pillowcases 
How our split sheets work
How our split sheets work How our split sheets work How our split sheets work How our split sheets work
DoubleUps for Beds is comprised of a right and left sheet. DoubleUps for Beds held together by a sew box One side can be pulled away without affecting the other side DoubleUps for Beds sheets and comforters are able to adapt to any sleeping situation. The bottom of the sheet may be tucked in on one side and untucked on the other.

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