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People, who are compatible in every other way, may have sleep preferences that cause concerns with their mate. Difficulties arise when you've had a poor night's sleep. Many times, the problem is not the bed, it's the inflexible, conventional bed linens.

Share your Bed, not your Covers!

Hot vs. Cold

Some like it hot, others might not. Most vary between the two. Whether you like tons of layers or none at all, DoubleUps for Beds split sheet and comforter designs accommodate all types of sleepers in the same bed.

Pregnancy and Menopause Sleep Issues

Ask any pregnant or menopausal woman – their body temp can and will change at the drop of a hat. Covers on, covers off, back and forth each night. When you're struggling with temperature changes, it is nice not to disturb your mate.

Our sheets are split designed to help cope with the difficulties of pregnancy and menopause. Please visit our products section to find DoubleUps for Beds sheets and accessories that can help you.

For more information and helpful sleep hints, visit the Sleep Foundation.

"Hot flashes can cause severe swings in temperature. DoubleUps for Beds allow me to keep the temperature right for my personal needs, while not interfering with my husband's side of the bed." Emily R., Boise Idaho 

Sheet Stealing  

It may not be the worst crime you can commit, but a sheet stealer can definitely cramp your sleep style. DoubleUps for Beds takes the competition out of the bedroom – letting each sleeper "steal" their own side of the covers without bothering their bedmate. 

Watch the short video on the right to see how the DoubleUps patented design works.

For more information and helpful sleep hints, visit the Sleep Foundation.

"DoubleUps for Beds allows me to sleep my way...without competition." Jeff H., Cary, North Carolina

Kids and Friends

Kids like to have sleepovers, and when they do the bed can become a battleground. DoubleUps for Beds let kids share their bed, not their bedding.

It's a peaceful solution (and a good night's sleep) for everyone.

Sleeping with Pets

Pet owners know that going to bed alone at night doesn't necessarily mean you'll wake up alone later.

DoubleUps for Beds allows you the freedom to roll, without the weight of your pet holding you back.


Tuck In vs.Tuck Out

Free flowing or tucked beneath the mattress? Do you or your bedmate like the "mummy wrap?" No matter what you prefer, DoubleUps for Beds lets both sleepers select their style without affecting their partner.

"I sleep tucked in, but my husband wants "sheet freedom." DoubleUps lets us each have our own way." Brenda S., Bloomington, Illinois 

Restless Leg Syndrome    

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a condition in which your legs feel extremely uncomfortable while you're sitting or lying down. It makes you feel like getting up and moving around. When you do so, the unpleasant feeling of restless legs syndrome temporarily goes away.

Although we can't ease the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome, the DoubleUps for Beds patented split top designs allows one sleeper's restless with the covers to not bother their bedmate.

For more information about Restless Leg Syndrome, check out Google!

"DoubleUps for Beds allowed me to stop interfering with my husband's sleep when I am moving around at night to ease my symptoms." Julie S., Billings, Montana 

If you answered YES to any of these, DoubleUps for Beds is the perfect solution for you!

How our split sheets work
How our split sheets work How our split sheets work How our split sheets work How our split sheets work
DoubleUps for Beds is comprised of a left and right side. DoubleUps for Beds held  together by a patented sew box. One side can be pulled away without affecting the other side. DoubleUps for Beds bedding is able to adapt to almost any sleeping situation. The bottom of the sheet may be tucked in on one side and untucked on the other.

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