While DoubleUps for Beds can't make the bed for you, they do let you make the bed the same way you always have. DoubleUps for Beds unique "sew box" links the sheets together at the bottom, while the split portion overlaps for a seamless look when made up. When first making your DoubleUps bed, make sure the "sew box" is placed at the bottom of your bed. Smooth out the rest for a natural fit, just like traditional sheets. You may not want to make your bed every morning, but DoubleUps for Beds are as easy to make as the sheets and comforters you grew up with.

A Closer Look at DoubleUps Split-Top Sheets

DoubleUps for Beds patented bedding solutions let people do what they want with their side the covers. A simple solution to a host of sleep problems, DoubleUps for Beds split sheets and comforters are split down the middle (and overlap), so each side offers independent movement and freedom, while still connected by a foot-of-the-bed sew box.

Bedmates can roll away from each other, roll back, fling their sheet to the side or kick the covers off without disturbing their partner's sleep. DoubleUps for Beds lets you cuddle up before you double up, and looks seamless when the bed is made up. It's all about options for a great night's sleep.



Made in USA.