Fitted Bottoms for Adjustable Beds w/ Wings

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  • Standard Top Sheet Sets - Dual (Split) Bottom 
  • Standard Top Sheet Sets - One Bottom Design 
  • Standard Top Sheet Sets - Split Head Design  
  • Standard Top Sheet Sets - Split Head and Foot

We specialize in sheets sets for all styles of adjustable beds! Most conventional fitted sheets for adjustable beds pull, or just don’t fit, so why not indulge yourself in this luxurious cotton fabric that is soft and rich to the touch.

Our fitted bottoms for adjustable beds are made with a special Adjustable insert which forms a boxing on both ends of the fitted sheet, drops and wings (extra fabric) in the middle to keep the fitted sheet in place, it is a circular piece of fabric accommodating the flex of all styles of adjustable beds. This assures that your bottom fitted sheet will remain in place while the mattress is in motion.

All corners are reinforced with 1/2" elastic sewn completely around the boxing and both ends. We use only the finest collection of 200, 350, or 600 cotton fabrics available and drops (depths) of 8”,10",13" and 15” for you to choose.

**Please add 1-2" to your drop measurement if you have a foam mattress, such as a Tempur-Pedic or any mattress with square corners, so that our sheets will best fit your mattress.

Made in USA.