About DoubleUps for Beds

DoubleUps for Beds was founded in the spring of 2002 to satisfy the need for a comfortable, good night's sleep and provide a flexible bedding solution for sleepers “on the move.” Born in a “living room workshop,” our sheet prototypes worked so well that we expanded our vision to include blankets, comforters and several other linen products. A constant stream of feedback allowed us to improve and streamline our products, and in November 2003, DoubleUps for Beds was awarded patents for their unique designs. Today, consumers can find DoubleUps for Beds on-line at https://www.doubleupsforbeds.com/, and share their bed (but not their covers) while sleeping with style and comfort.

Based in Colorado, USA, DoubleUps for Beds offers patented, customized bed linens in sheets and separates with sleep accessories designed to reduce competition in a shared bed. Made entirely in the USA, DoubleUps for Beds are available in 200, 350, and 600 Thread Count, in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Solving common shared bed problems such as sheet-stealing, hot vs. cold, tuck-in vs. tuck-out and more, DoubleUps for Beds are also ideal for separate, split king and adjustable beds, helping create the perfect balance while you sleep. Please check out our YouTube Channel or Sleeping Scenarios Page.

How our split sheets workHow our split sheets workHow our split sheets workHow our split sheets workHow our split sheets work

DoubleUps for Beds is comprised of a right and left sheet. DoubleUps for Beds held together by a sew box. One side can be pulled away without affecting the other side. The bottom of the sheet may be tucked in on one side and not tucked on the other.  DoubleUps for Beds sheets and comforters are able to adapt to any sleeping situation.

Patent link... https://patents.google.com/patent/US6643871B1/en?assignee=Kevin+G.+Robke

Our Mission

To provide high quality, custom bedding products made in the USA from superior fabrics to consumers around the world. In the future, look for DoubleUps for Beds products in specialty stores, designer showrooms, hotels and catalogs. For more information on becoming a DoubleUps for Beds affiliate, drop us a note at info@doubleupsforbeds.com.

Executive Summary

Kevin Robke founded DoubleUps for Beds in 2002 to solve the issues surrounding “competition for the covers” in a shared bed. Kevin, a graduate of Kansas State University (BS, in Milling Science and Management), spent his formative years in business building sales and management for agricultural processing and distribution corporations before his entrepreneurial, adventurous side took over. In the early 1990’s Kevin and a friend formed Terra Systems, a natural organic turf and shrub care company, and developed exclusive natural organic fertilization products and programs. The company was sold in 2002, and Kevin embarked on a three-year world tour, traveling to regions far and near to gain perspective on both his life and the world around him.

In his travels (58 Countries along with 49 States in the USA), Kevin lived like the locals and developed relationships with those from all walks of life. A Hall of Fame rugby player, his athleticism and team spirit provided him with an insider’s look into worlds most can only dream of. Upon his return to the States, Kevin embarked on his newest endeavor: finding a solution to getting a good night’s sleep in a shared bed. Patents were approved in 2003, business operations settled in 2006, and today, DoubleUps for Beds is helping customers around the world get a good night’s sleep. Our business philosophy stems from his personal philosophy: “Share your bed, not your covers!”.

Please take time to enjoy life and sleep better! Kevin

"Share your bed, not your covers!"