DoubleUps Can Help Solve Some Common Sleep-Time Issues In A Shared Bed!

  • Do you have an adjustable bed? Does your partner like to sleep upright while you like to sleep flat?
  • Does your partner like to sleep with just a sheet, while you prefer a comforter tucked up under your chin?
  • Do you wake up with all the covers on your side of the bed – or stripped bare of sheets?
  • Does your pet settle on top of your bed, making it impossible for you to roll over in the middle of the night?
  • Does your partner suffer from hot flashes? 

If you answered YES to any of these, DoubleUps for Beds is the perfect solution for you!

How our split sheets work
How our split sheets work How our split sheets work How our split sheets work How our split sheets work
DoubleUps for Beds is comprised of a left and right side. DoubleUps for Beds held  together by a patented sew box. One side can be pulled away without affecting the other side. DoubleUps for Beds bedding is able to adapt to almost any sleeping situation. The bottom of the sheet may be tucked in on one side and untucked on the other.

Couples who are compatible in every other way may  have sleep preferences that can cause bed-time issues…and that can lead  to a poor night's sleep. Most of the time the problem isn't the bed (or  your partner) -- it's inflexible, conventional bed linens. Our new, innovative, patented split-sheets and comforters are designed to  revolutionize your bed-time experience, solving some of the most common sleep concerns such as: sheet stealing, separate beds, hot vs. cold,  tuck in vs. tuck out, sleeping with pets and more. Custom made and adaptable, DoubleUps for Beds are perfect for traditional, specialty and adjustable beds. Sleep Better!


DoubleUps for Beds can adapt to almost any sleeping situation.         


DoubleUps for Beds work great for sleeping together.

Whether you like to sleep cuddled up with your partner or stay on your own side, DoubleUps for Beds lets you create your own custom sleep style in a shared bed. "Share your Bed, not your Covers!"

DoubleUps for Beds (DUFB) are custom made with only the finest collection of organic cotton and fabrics available.

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Made in the USA.