What people are saying... 


        ... about our patented Split-Sheets

"DoubleUps for Beds allows me to sleep my way without competition." - Jeff H., Cary, North Carolina
"I received my order and am very satisfied with your products - they feel very nice and my wife and I like them very much." - Roger S.
"Thank you....you may have saved a life.....MINE..." - Fred
"We received the order, washed the first set of sheets and used them last night. At first I thought it was a strange idea and a whole bunch of material, BUT I love them. I just found your site on the internet and had no idea what I was ordering, to be truthful. I am delighted that I took the chance. Thank you for your emails, your hands-on concern is evident. I hope you go far with your products." - Shari L.

"This is a great idea!" - Logan M., Davidson, North Carolina

"I wanted to let you know that we have slept in and washed our new sheets and they are wonderful. I thought the top sheet was a bit of a gamble, but it works! Previously we would either used two separate sheets that ended up at the bottom of the bed, or one big sheet where there was a 'tug of war'." - Diana S.

"We've had a chance to use the DoubleUps split sheets now for a week and we really do love them, the quality and workmanship is perfect. We'll be ordering more in the future." - Daniel

"Hot flashes can cause severe swings in temperature. DoubleUps for Beds allows me to keep the temperature right for my personal needs, while not interfering with my husbands side of the bed."Emily R., Boise Idaho

"They arrived Friday, perfect timing... I've fully utilized them since. Thank you, sir! My wife loves them!!!!"David B.

"The sheets I ordered are terrific. My wife and I love them."Bob M.

"We slept on/under your wonderful sheets last night. We both enjoyed the night and think your sheets are great. In fact, we will probably be ordering another pair soon."Lynn M.

"I prefer to tuck the sheet and comforter under the mattress. My husband likes the freedom provided by untucked bedding. DoubleUps for Beds provides this freedom." - Brenda S., Bloomington, Illinois

"Why cuddle up, when you can DoubleUp. Try DoubleUps for Beds the custom made fitted sheet with specific drops, fits my bed better than any sheet I have ever used!" - Rhonda V., Houston, Texas

"After competing for covers over the years, DoubleUps for Beds saves my nights sleep." - Anne T., Charlotte, North Carolina

"You can cuddle up and then you can DoubleUp. It provides great flexibility allowing us to share a bed comfortably." - Kevin R., Seneca, Kansas 


... about the quality, feel and fit of our products

"Your sheets are fabulous! They work great for our king size adjustable bed. You may pay more for these sheets, but the quality is outstanding & so comfortable! Delivery was sooner then you projected as well. Thank you so much for offering a great product & being a trusted business." - Laura B.

"Your bed skirts are fabulous... perfect fit and the quality and workmanship are first class. They really dress up the beds. Thanks so much for your help." - Leona O.

"I ordered the Royal European Luxury Mattress Pad after I had been shopping around for some sort-of pillow top for my mattress. I was so pleased with the comfort and quality of this mattress pad that I have been telling my friends all about it ever since! I can't imagine sleeping another night without it! The service was great and I will definitely be ordering from your company again." - Kathy R. J.

"Great product! The quality of the cotton is undeniable. I would not hesitate one second to recommend it to anyone I know who might need bedding sheets for their adjustable beds. Too bad that you guys don't sell your products in bedding stores here in Canada but hey... it's 2012, people need to get used to buy more and more products on the Web. :-)." - Francois

"We absolutely love all of the bedding… thank you so much…" - Ginger

"We are very happy with the mattress cover you made and would like to order two fitted 100% cotton (pre-shrunk, high quality) sheets of the same size." - Irina

"Thanks so much, I love the fabric." - Karen

"The 600 count Egyptian cotton feels wonderful. I like "crisp" sheets and was concerned these would be too "Indian cotton" soft. They are not. They have a great feeling of soft against the skin but crisp enough to feel fresh. They also fit the bed beautifully. Thank you." - Diana S.

"We've had a chance to use the DoubleUps split sheets now for a week and we really do love them, the quality and workmanship is perfect. We'll be ordering more in the future." - Daniel

"My daughter and son-in-law were very pleased with the quality, workmanship and features of your sheets. Thank you for great service keeping me updated on the delivery of the products."John R.

"They fit perfectly and oh, do they make a difference after struggling with standard twin bottom sheets and oversized mattress pads! …Congratulations on a very nice product and thanks for keeping us informed as the work progressed."Cam S.

"The fitted sheet is very nice. Very high quality and just what I wanted. It was worth waiting for. As a result I know the mattress pad I ordered will be great. In the next few months we'll order a full set of sheets from you in another color. They are the best I've seen. Thank you for taking the mattress pad to adjust. Anybody can make a mistake, but standing behind the items means a lot to me. I'll let you know how everything fits. Thanks again."Mark G. 


... about their shopping experience with us

"Wow! That is super. You can count on my business in the future." - Bob
"I sincerely appreciate you calling me back so diligently. Your assistance was very helpful." - Sue
"Thank you so much for taking such good care of my order!! It's appreciated!!" - Sharon
"You are a true gentleman and a man of your word. Thanks again, it has been a pleasure doing business with your company. Be assured we will purchase additional sets from you." - Don J.
"I received the mattress pad yesterday. Thank you so much for the speedy delivery!" - Linda P. 
"Thank you for your exceptional help and upgrade offer. I am looking forward to receiving them. Again, many thanks." - Trudy 
"I appreciate the personal attention. Thank you very much for your consideration. That's good service!" - Hollis

... about our products for adjustable beds

"The new sheets are great...my husband said he loved them even before I had a chance to ask... they don't come undone when the adjustable bed moves!!!...I have battled uncooperative bed sheets for 5 years, everyday having to remake the bed...I am thrilled, thank you...I will reorder soon." - Teri P.
"I wanted you to know that I didn't believe a sheet could fit that good and stay in place. I washed them three times as suggested and it's amazing. They are a little strange looking but looks obviously aren't the important part. For the first time since we bought the adjustable beds in August, I didn't have to totally "remake" the bed this morning." - Lue H.
"I love our new sheets for our Tempurpedic Cal King adjustable bed. I like the split top sheet for sleeping however it is a bit of a pain when making the bed. They do get a little tangled up. I love the size. You're not pulling from your partner to get coverage. They are so supple, soft and comfy. This is the most I have ever spent on sheets and I do not regret it. My husband is very happy as well. He normally doesn't care about sheets but he does really like these. Thanks for sharing your covers with us! I will purchase another set when it comes time. Thanks again." - Kris P.

... about wanting more

"My wife and I are certainly pleased with this bedding order. She now wants another dual bottom fitted sheet. Thanks again." - Bob M.
"We really love our sheets and are just now remodeling the room - thinking about bed skirts." - Doris M.
"Could you please send us another set, just like the ones you sent before? We love them." - Grace R.
"What a great wedding gift!" Deb L., Concord, North Carolina