Your Brain on Sleep

Your Brain on Sleep

Have you ever woken up in the morning and you still felt groggy? Even after your morning cup of coffee or shower, your brain just can’t seem to wake up? That’s probably a silly question, since a majority of sleepers don’t always get the amount of shuteye that they need or have restless nights filled with tossing and turning. Well, researchers at the University of Notre Dame are recognizing just how important sleep is for your brain. Keep reading to learn more and for some must-have info on sheets for adjustable beds.

Your Brain Doesn’t Stop

While your body is rejuvenating itself after a long day of moving around, your mind is actually still running just as strong, if not stronger than during the day. Regions in the brain involved in learning, emotion, and processing information are actually more active while you sleep than while you’re up and moving about. All of the regions in the brain collaborate to help you process and sort information that you’ve received throughout the day. The researchers are focused on the type of information that is being committed to memory as you sleep and hope to better understand how brains store information.

Naps Are For Kids!

Well, no — not anymore! Just be aware of how long you are snoozing for. When you nap for 20 minutes or less, your brain remains in level two sleep, which boosts cognition and you can still be woken up easily. A nap that is longer than 90 minutes gives your brain a chance to complete a full sleep cycle. With a nap time that is in between 20 and 90 minutes, you risk waking up and feeling groggy and just as tired as before. Shoot for a 20-minute snooze after lunch for the best results.

I’ll Catch up on The Weekend

If you missed out on a few good night’s sleeps during the week, it’s common to think that it’s possible to “catch up” on the weekend when you have a chance to sleep in. We touched on this in a previous post, but we’ll say it again here. Unfortunately, our bodies can’t pay back a sleep debt that accumulated through the week.

How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep With Sheets For Adjustable Beds

To help with your learning, emotion, and information processing, it’s essential your brain gets a good night’s sleep. But when you’re sleeping with a partner who is tossing, turning, and pulling at your sheets and blankets, it can cause you to lose out on quality sleep. It’s especially hard for those who sleep on an adjustable bed, where the sheets never seem to stay in place.

The good news is that there are sheets for adjustable beds! These specially designed sheets allow both sleepers to have their own separate sheets. The key is to have the sheets connected at the bottom and then split at the top. This way your top, separate sheet is wide enough and there is plenty of material to pull the sheet to your heart’s content.

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