Solutions to Sharing a Bed With Your Partner

Solutions to Sharing a Bed With Your Partner

Anyone who has ever been in a new relationship or had to share a bed with someone who tossed and turned, hogged the sheets and blankets, snored, or maneuvered their way into the middle of the bed, knows the struggles of getting a good night’s sleep. When you are a light sleeper to begin with, the issue is that much worse. One of the most frustrating problems of sharing your bed is when you or your partner (y

ou know who it is) pulls over more than their share of the sheets. This tug-of-war can result in many cold sleepers and early morning brawls. So what do you do about it? Read these solutions for common bed sharing problems and then learn more about DoupleUps For Beds split sheets that can reinvigorate your night’s sleep and ease the tension in your relationship.

Is Your Bed Not Big Enough?

A queen bed is 60 inches wide, so between two people, each sleeper gets two and a half feet of space to sleep in. And who likes to sleep right up against the bed? A king size bed is 76 inches wide, giving each sleeper just over three feet of space. The difference between king and queen is eight inches of space for each sleeper. When broken down like that, it might not sound like a big difference, but if you are constantly bumping into your partner’s knees or being pushed off the bed, you do notice. When choosing a bed to sleep in, spend some time at the store and don’t be afraid to lay down and move around to make sure that either a king or queen will be enough for both sleepers. DoubleUps For Beds has split sheets that fit bed sizes from full all the way to California king.

The Mattress Isn’t Right

Like Goldilocks finding a porridge just the right temperature, finding the right mattress firmness or softness is challenging. With varying personal preferences and different body types requiring a different type of mattresses, it sounds nearly impossible to make a decision. But consider purchasing two different styles of twin beds and pushing them together. So you don’t fall into the space in between, add a mattress pad to level the gap. The good news with this solution is that two twin beds is the same size as a king-sized bed!

Too Bright?

Sharing a bed means also sharing a room, so when one partner is reading in bed, working on their laptop, or watching TV, the light can be disrupting to the other sleeper. In this case, it’s all about compromise. The sleeper could try using an eye mask to block the light. Or the reader could purchase a small book light that will focus the light on the book instead of the room. As for the TV, maybe go to another room so the light as well as the noise isn’t a bother, and consider turning down the brightness of the screen.

Constant Movement

Tossing and turning can be harmful to both sleepers. While this might not be intentional, or one sleeper simply can’t find a comfortable position, it is still nonetheless a problem. If one partner tends to be the culprit more often than not, try letting them fall asleep alone before the other partner goes to bed. When schedules don’t allow this, an investment in a mattress that doesn’t transfer motion, like a memory foam mattress, might be necessary.

There Isn’t Enough Blanket

Everyone has been in this situation at least once — waking up to find that you have just a few inches of sheet or blanket to pull over your body or that your partner has been left shivering. Never a fun situation to find yourself in and no one wants to admit that they are the one pulling the sheets over. However, there is a solution that will make both sleepers comfortable, warm, and rested in the morning. Split sheets bring you the best of both worlds. Two separate, yet overlapping sheets at the head of the bed which have been sewn together at the bottom, making one large, double sheet.

Split Sheets

The innovative solution to the sheets tug-of-war between couples has finally been found. When we spend over 200,000 hours sleeping, many of those with a partner, that’s a lot of time spent sharing the sheets. And a lot of time trying not to hog them. With DoubleUps For Beds, you don’t have to share any longer (every toddler is jumping for joy). Each sleeper has their own sheet that they have full control over. And if you love to play footsie with your partner, by combining the sheets at the foot of the bed, you still can! Split sheets may not resolve the issue of who gets to make the bed in the morning, but you can at least argue over that after a full night’s sleep.

Don’t worry about sleeping with cold shoulders or leaving your partner without any bedding. Start shopping now and experience what it feels like to have split sheets.