Pros and Cons of Sleep Positions

Pros and Cons of Sleep Positions

We all have that special sleeping position where everything is happy, safe, and comfortable, and we sleep like babies all night long. Is that position on your back? Side? Stomach? Or is it half way on your side, one leg over the other, your arm bent beneath the pillow and your toes crossed? For side, back, and stomach sleepers, there are positives and negatives, including being easier on your spine and wrinkles! Learn the pros and cons of these sleeping positions and give split sheets a try for a truly amazing night’s sleep.

Back Sleepers

  • Pros: If you’re concerned about wrinkles around your eyes, this is definitely a bonus for this position. It’s also great for your spine and back because they’re both aligned and the mattress is supporting your body. If you’re a back sleeper, though, be careful about the number of pillows you use, this can hinder breathing.
  • Cons: Sleepers can blame gravity for this position’s negatives. Gravity causes the tongue to fall into the airway and obstructs breathing. Another downside is back sleepers commonly have poor sleep. But this can be helped with split sheets from Double Ups.

Side Sleepers

  • Pros: The most popular sleeping position, side sleepers can enjoy minimized heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. So if you had too much spiny chili for dinner, try sleeping on your side. Another benefit is for pregnant women, who risk putting pressure on their back when they sleep on their back.
  • Cons: If you’ve ever noticed you don’t breath as easy on your left side, it’s because it can put pressure on the stomach and lungs. Actually, side sleeping can affect the muscles and nerves, and the shoulder supporting your body can constrict the neck and shoulder muscles.

Stomach Sleepers

  • Pros: Unfortunately, there aren’t many benefits for stomach sleepers. If you do enjoy stretching your legs out flat with your head to one side, the benefit of this position is that it reduces snoring.
  • Cons: The many negatives include flattening the spine and putting strain on the neck. If you need to sleep in this position, try adjusting pillows beneath your body to eventually train your body to sleep on your side.

The winner according to sleep experts is side sleeping, but try to switch sides every so often (you might do this without recognizing it anyway) to avoid putting strain on your organs. The good news is that however you choose to sleep, you can get a great night’s sleep with help from split sheets.

Sleep With Split Sheets

If you and your sleep partner fight over who is pulling the sheets, there is finally a solution! Split sheets from Double Ups For Beds are tied together at the bottom and are split at the top, giving each person their own separate sheet that they can use however they please. Shop today for top sheets, blankets, comforters, bed skirts, and more! So the next time you snuggle into your favorite fetal position with your ankles crossed, you can be confident you’ll fall asleep peacefully, and perfectly covered.