Our Adjustable Bed Sheets Stay in Place While Your Bed is in Motion

There are so many great things about sleeping in an adjustable bed! Their comfort can't be beat, and if you have a dual adjustable bed you and your partner are able to customize your sleeping experience. They are perfect for those with back problems, since you can sleep in an elevated position that keeps you comfortable all night long. This is also handy for congestion problems. The ability to adjust your head and/or your legs for maximum comfort is something to love. The list of benefits goes on and on when it comes to adjustable beds, but any adjustable bed owner know about the one drawback of these beds: the sheets. 

Putting a standard sheet on your adjustable bed will have you fighting all night long. Standard sheets don't stand up to the motion of the bed, and you'll find yourself remaking the bed over and over. The other problem comes with using a standard top sheet when you and your partner are sleeping at different positions. You end up tugging blankets and sheets back over to your side all night, making it a frustrating night's sleep for both of you. Thankfully, our adjustable bed sheets stay in place and give you a split top sheet that you can both enjoy. 

Our sheets are split down the middle until the bottom, where they reconnect. This way, you and your partner have your own sheet for your own side of the bed, giving you maximum comfort all night long. No more tugging at too narrow sheets to get comfortable! Our sheets come in a variety of thread counts and colors, so you can choose the ones that fit your budget and your style. You'll love how great they look on your bed and how much more comfortable they make your sleeping experience! Order yours today.