Made in the USA: A Dying Breed

Today, seeing Made in the USA, on a label is nearly non existent. Unfortunately, more and more companies are choosing to manufacture goods off shore, namely textile companies’ specifically. So what is the draw for companies to choose to manufacture their goods off shore and what are the real costs of choosing to do so?

In general, companies choose off shore production to cut costs and maximize their profits. However, what affect does this decision have on the US worker and the US economy? By manufacturing textile goods such as bed linens, bed sheets, and bedding accessories off shore, companies are choosing to take jobs away from US workers and closing doors on textile mills. As a result of an increased unemployment rate, small businesses in these US manufacturing communities are also closing their doors adding to the slumped US economy.

As a consumer, choosing to purchase textile goods such as bed linens, bed sheets, and bedding accessories, that are labeled Made in the USA, you choose to support domestic workers and domestic production. Doing so boosts the US economy and encourages other companies to manufacture their goods domestically and keeps US dollars in the US.