Guest Bedroom Ideas for This Holiday Season

With spring cleaning just around the corner, you also need to revisit guest bedroom ideas to keep visiting family and friends comfortable during their stay in your home.

A guest bedroom is more than a space for sleeping. It should function as your guests’ home away from home, especially around the holidays. Here are some guest bedroom ideas to ensure your guests’ comfort and warmth.

Guest Bedroom Ideas

Invest in a Good Bed

The foundation of any guest room, despite how grand your guest bedroom ideas, is always a great bed with a great mattress. Too often we shove hand-me-down beds in our guest rooms. Worn down, too-small beds make for an unpleasant guest experience even if you have the coolest guest bedroom ideas! Providing a comfy bed will allow you to accept guests a night to remember. You can always add a mattress pad to increase your guest bed’s comfort level while remaining in budget.

Make the Bed With Fresh, Comfy Sheets

One of the easiest guest bedroom ideas to complete? Picking the right bed sheets. Read our last post for deeper insight into selecting the best bed sheets for your guests’ needs. You will also want to switch out your guest room comforter for a winter comforter that ensures your guests’ warmth. Make sure that your sheets are freshly laundered and make the bed neatly before your guests’ arrival.

Provide Extra Blankets, Just in Case

Even if you make the bed properly with winter bedding, your guests could still feel a chill in the night. Some easy guest room ideas to banish the cold? Include a basket of extra blankets for them to bundle up with (try soft linen blankets or luxurious down blankets), or supply a wonder blanket.

Clean Out Your Guest Room Closet

What frequently gets forgotten when brainstorming guest bedroom ideas? Sufficient storage for guests. If your guest room closet is filled to the brim with gift wrap supplies, childhood mementos, extra linens, or your clothing, clear out some room to provide both hanging and floor space for your guests. Same goes for a guest bedroom dresser or armoire — there should always be space for your guests to unpack if desired.

Make a Welcome Basket

The last of our guest bedroom ideas entails creating a welcome basket for your guests to enjoy. Include standard travel-sized toiletries, an extra toothbrush, hand soap, and lotion, as well as seasonal magazines and a baked good. For a fun touch, include an item that your area is known for, like maple syrup if you are from Vermont.

If you follow our guest bedroom ideas, your family and friends are sure to feel welcome in your home and comfortable throughout their stay! For more guest bedroom ideas or to learn more about selecting the right bedding for your home, call DoubleUps for Beds at 1-800-977-3832.

Do you have any guest bedroom ideas to share for the holidays? Let us know in the comments!