Do You Remember Your Dreams?

Do You Remember Your Dreams?

Did you dream you chased a rhinoceros last night? Was your coworker haunting your dreams? Or did you wake up, try to remember what you had dreamt, but couldn’t recall a thing? Scientists have been studying sleep and dreaming for ages and they are learning more and more, but they aren’t entirely sure yet why some of us don’t remember our dreams while others remember handfuls of dreams each night. Most of us love sleeping and dreaming (if they aren’t scary) but sleep can be disrupted for any number of reasons, including not enough sheets. If you want a full night’s rest with happy dreams, try out Double Ups For Beds’ split sheets for couples with standard and adjustable beds. Our split sheets are sewn together at the bottom and have two separate panels on top so each sleeper can feel like they have their own set of sheets.

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So Why Don’t Some People Remember Their Dreams?

Are You a Heavy Sleeper?

If it takes a bullhorn to wake up during the night, you might not remember dreams. A study performed at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center and the University of Lyon suggests that those who can sleep deeply throughout the night have a lower rate of dream recall than those who are light sleepers and wake up with dreams fresh in their minds. One thing you never have to worry about with our split sheets if you are a light sleeper is your partner pulling all of the sheets and leaving you in the cold.

Did You Have a Late-night Bowl of Cereal?

There are many things that can affect how well we sleep, including stress, pain, and environmental factors such as noise or light. Another thing you can add to the list are certain types of foods in your diet. Never thought your food choices would cause changes to your dreams, did you? Well, foods like dairy, meats, or fried foods can have an impact on your sleep and the type of dreams you have. If you have a late dinner, your body is still digesting when it’s time to go to bed. This can cause your body to produce heat, which can lead to a night of restless sleep and unusual dreams. When we dream outside of the REM cycle, the dream might take clues from our body, including temperature or having a fever.

Blame Your Hormones

When we really need to have a good night’s sleep, some of us rely on taking a melatonin supplement. This hormone occurs naturally in our bodies to regulate sleep and awake patterns. Those with a higher level of melatonin have a tendency to have dreams that are animated and easier to remember. Those with low melatonin have more restless nights which causes hazy dreams that are difficult to remember. For a natural night’s sleep, try consuming more almonds, sunflower seeds, cherries, and bananas. For a relaxing and cozy night’s sleep, try our split sheets that are perfect for restless sleepers.

If you enjoy dreaming, try creating an evening routine, watch what you eat, be careful to not have bright screens on, and experiment with the room’s temperature. At Double Ups For Beds, we love a good night’s sleep full of happy and silly dreams. Our split sheets are great for giving your body the perfect environment. Never worry about fighting over sheets or blankets with your partner again. The innovative split sheet design helps you achieve a blissful sleep.