All You Need to Know About Split Sheets

All You Need to Know About Split Sheets

Those of us who love to sleep, love to sleep. The feeling of slipping between the covers, getting cozy among the sheets and comforters, and finding that perfect spot for our head on the pillow makes us slowly drift away for a blissful sleep. The problem comes when we’re sharing the bed. Whether you own a queen or king bed, these issues still occur: slipping into the coveted middle section of the bed and pushing our partners off, or someone is slightly more greedy when it comes to the amount of sheet they want to cover themselves with. The latter problem is what DoubleUps For Beds sought to resolve. Introducing the innovative adjustable bed sets and split sheets that allow you to pull over the sheets without leaving your partner in the cold.

What Are Split Sheets

With DoubleUps For Beds split sheets, you get the best of both worlds. An individual sheet just for you on the top, and at the bottom the two sheets are sewn together so you can still enjoy playing footsie under the sheets! At the head of the bed, the sheets overlap each other, so it’s as if both of you are getting an entire sheet to yourselves that each of you have full reign over. You can curl up with it to make sure your back and front are covered without worrying about leaving your partner without enough sheet to do the same. At the foot of the bed, it’s as if there is only one sheet so you can still feel like you are sleeping together.

They Work For Adjustable Beds!

There are many couples out there who have adjustable beds for a unique and specific bed to fit their sleeping needs. We provide you with split sheets that fit four types of adjustable beds.

  • One Bottom Adjustable: This type of bed is a single mattress that allows either the top or bottom of the bed to move up and down so sleepers can find just the right position for their legs and upper bodies.
  • Dual Adjustable: This type of bed includes two separate mattresses that are capable of moving up and down.
  • Split Head Adjustable: This type of bed is a single mattress on the bottom and is split at the top so each sleeper can find the right position for their upper body.
  • Head and Foot Adjustable: This type of bed is a completely adjustable bed. The top and bottom are separate and it is attached in the middle, allowing sleepers to customize the position of the top and bottom of the bed.

As you can imagine, these types of adjustable beds make it hard to find high-quality sheets that allow freedom of movement for both sleepers. However, with split sheets from DoubleUps For Beds, you can find custom sheets that will help you achieve a more rested night’s sleep.

What Types of Products Do We Have?

  • Sheet Sets: Choose between a variety of thread counts, colors, sizes, or we have custom options. Sheets fit adjustable beds and standard beds.
  • Sheet Separates: If you need just one fitted bottom sheet or just one top sheet. Sheets fit adjustable beds and standard beds.
  • Bed Skirts: Complete your bedroom look with high-quality bed skirts.
  • Blankets: Shop for a Wonder Blanket, and down alternative blankets.
  • Comforters: Shop for split and oversized comforters for the coldest nights.
  • Duvet Covers: Find your favorite color and choose your thread count.
  • Mattress Pads: Add an extra layer of comfort to your bed. Pads fit adjustable beds and standard beds.
  • Pillows & Pillow Cases: Don’t just rest your head on any pillow. Choose your favorite type and pillow case thread count.

What Are Sheets With Wings?

Not many people enjoy making the bed each morning. This is especially challenging with adjustable bed sheets. The fitted sheet may be fine at the top and the bottom, but the edges keep falling out! The solution was to create sheets with wings. The sheets are elastic at the top and the bottom and the middle has an extra wing of fabric to keep the sheet in place. As the bed is adjusted into a higher position, the sheet will be held firmly in place.

With these innovative split sheets, you can forget about being left in the cold when your partner pulls over all of the sheets to their side of the bed. DoubleUps For Beds has made it possible to stay warm and cuddle up with your sheets and blankets throughout the night. Shop today for high-quality split sheets and have an even more blissful night’s sleep tonight.