Bed Skirts for Adjustable Beds

Bed Skirts made for an adjustable base and your mattress which is unique as it adheres to the motion of the base. A platform sheet sits under the mattress and has a Velcro strip that allows the skirt to attach without removing the mattress. Just attach and detach the skirt as you need too. Either to change the color or to launder. Customize the fit at the foot of the bed (Retainer Bar) by simply cutting a slit or going around the bars and re-attaching with Velcro. No more moving the mattress!

Note: For Dual Adjustable style beds there is a Decking-Free "Easy Fit" bed skirt option. You'll never have to lift your mattress again to get that polished look that only a dust ruffle can bring. This dust ruffle is just as its name indicates, "Decking-Free". It requires no mattress removal. With simple tucks, this dust ruffle gives the elegant appearance of a regular dust ruffle without the decking. Simply tuck the non-slip strip between your box springs and mattress for a "decking-free" fit! See our instructions page for help!

Bed Skirts are lined for backing and extra weight, come standard with a 13" drop or you can choose a longer drop at checkout. Available in 200, 350 and 600 thread counts, styles (Shirred or Gathered, Tailored, and Pleated) and a variety of wonderful colors. Machine washable.

Choose your bed!

  • Standard Top Sheet Sets - Dual (Split) Bottom 
  • Standard Top Sheet Sets - One Bottom Design 
  • Standard Top Sheet Sets - Split Head Design  
  • Standard Top Sheet Sets - Split Head and Foot
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Made In the USA.