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DoubleUps Split Cotton Comforters

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Our deliciously cozy and patented DoubleUps for Beds split comforters offer independent movement and freedom while still connected at the foot of the bed. Our split comforters are made from luxurious cotton fabric. The split design provides optimum comfort without competition, regardless of whether you prefer your comforter tucked under your chin or tossed aside in the middle of the night.

Comforter features a special down-alternative fill that keeps allergens at bay, allowing you to enjoy a serene rest and a healthful day. Choose top and bottom fabrics for a custom split comforter. Comforters are also, available in thick and thin. Machine Washable.

Available in 200, 350, and 600 thread count cotton fabrics. Made in the USA.

How our split sheets work
How our split sheets work How our split sheets work How our split sheets work How our split sheets work
DoubleUps for Beds is comprised of a right and left sheet. DoubleUps for Beds held together by a sew box One side can be pulled away without affecting the other side DoubleUps for Beds sheets and comforters are able to adapt to any sleeping situation. The bottom of the sheet may be tucked in on one side and untucked on the other.