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Start Fall Off Right With Our Split Bed Sheets


We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! Labor Day is always a little melancholy, as it marks the end of the summer season. Kids are back in school and summer toys have been put away for another year. For most of the country, there are only a few weeks of warm weather left. You'll be needing an extra blanket on your bed soon. Before you toss that extra blanket on, make sure you buy yourself some of our split bed sheets

Our split bed sheets are especially made to give you a comfortable night's sleep. That's because with a top sheet that's been split in two, you and your partner will each have your own sheet so you can move freely throughout the night. No more tugging on sheets to get enough for your side--you'll each have exactly what you need! So as the fall air grows colder, you'll be snug inside your luxurious bed with plenty of sheets to keep you warm. 

You can order our split bed sheets on our website. There are plenty of options available so you can find exactly what you need for your bed. These sheets work great for adjustable beds, too! Our sheets are designed to stay on your bed with pulling, air pockets, or the corners popping off. Find the sheets you need on our website and place your order today. You can also place your order over the phone with us by calling 1-800-977-DUFB. We're always happy to help you, whether you order online or over the phone. Enjoy your new sheets and get ready to those cool autumn nights! 

Why Luxury Bed Linens Could be a Benefit to Your Health

One of the most important things you can do for your mental, emotional, and physical health is ensure you are getting enough sleep at night. Sleep has been shown to be important for weight loss, and your brain needs sleep in order to have time to process particular functions that are vital to your well-being [...]

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Our Adjustable Bed Sheets Make Your Adjustable Bed Even Better

Have you been considering an adjustable bed for yourself? Many people have seen the commercials on television or heard about them from their friends. Adjustable beds are a bigger financial investment than a regular bed, though, so you'll want to make sure it's worth it for you financially. If you've been thinking about investing in [...]

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Split Bed Sheets

We hear from customers almost everyday about how much they are enjoying our split bed sheets. Our bed sheets are made to give you and your partner the freedom to sleep how you want without the nightly tug-of-war with the sheets. Our sheets give you each an independent top sheet that becomes attached again at [...]

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Our Adjustable Bed Sheets Stay in Place While Your Bed is in Motion

There are so many great things about sleeping in an adjustable bed! Their comfort can't be beat, and if you have a dual adjustable bed you and your partner are able to customize your sleeping experience. They are perfect for those with back problems, since you can sleep in an elevated position that keeps you [...]

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Did You Know Our Luxury Bed Linens Are Available as a Custom Order?

You know how hard it is to "make do" with standard sheets if your bed is an unusual size or shape. You don't have to struggle with sheets that aren't quite right anymore! Our luxury bed linens are available as a custom order so you can get high quality sheets for your bed that fit it [...]

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Guest Bedroom Ideas for This Holiday Season

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Pros and Cons of the Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Beds are supposed to be the epitome of comfort in our homes. No one wants to (or can, for that matter) sleep on a rock-hard mattress. Many people turn to a memory foam mattress topper to solve their issues with uncomfortable beds. Memory foam was first created for NASA airplane seats in the 1960s. Compiled [...]

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Are Adjustable Bed Sheets Right For You?

Are Adjustable Bed Sheets Right For You? DoubleUps for Beds specializes in high quality sheet sets for all styles of adjustable beds. Adjustable beds require sheets that are custom made with the flex and motion of the bed in mind. Our sheet sets for adjustable beds are of the best-fitting available on the market today, and [...]

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Finding the Right Winter Comforter

With the seasons changing, boots, jackets, scarves, hats, and gloves aren’t the only cool-weather items coming out of storage: you should also be changing out your bedding for the season, which means finding the right winter comforter for your needs! Sleeping in a warm and cozy comforter, especially during winter, can be a delightful experience. [...]

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